OIC TODAY is a specialised business and investment magazine that was officially launched during the Tenth Session of the Islamic Summit Conference held in Putrajaya, Malaysia in October 2003. The launch of the magazine was timely in response to the needs of the Islamic nations whose cooperation in trade that time did not meet those needs. Two years later, during the third Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Summit Conference in December 2005, the Ten-Year Programme of Action was introduced to meet the challenges facing the Muslim Ummah. The purpose was to increase intra-trade among the Muslim countries to reach 15 per cent by the year 2015.

OIC TODAY acts as an information provider and communication link between businesses from various industries around the Muslim world. It further allows for investment opportunities and collaboration between businesses in OIC member countries and the rest of the world. The establishment of this unique project was based on the then weak, but promising, intra-trade activities among the Muslim countries in early 2000s. In line with other activities of the OIC, the magazine has been regarded as a pioneering initiative and a gateway to Islamic economies.