Suriname’s Nature and Melting Pot Culture worth Exploration


Suriname is known for its pristine rainforest, exotic plants and animals, wild rapids, large rivers and stunning mountainous areas in the southern part of the country. Dark creeks run through the savannas where white sandy grounds contrast intensely with green trees while palms and huge forest giants in different sorts and colours decorate the magical panorama of the jungle. The Suriname Tourism Foundation is responsible for creating a viable infrastructure for tourism. It also promotes Suriname’s tourism worldwide.

Places to stay

Nothing is more relaxing than waking up to the peaceful sounds of nature after a good night’s sleep. So choose your accommodation wisely and make sure that they are registered with the Suriname Tourism Foundation. There is a wide list of options to choose from including hotels, resorts, guesthouses and apartments.

Places to eat

Read all about the Surinamese cuisine, and plan your culinary tour! In some of the larger hotels in Suriname, you might come across a few popular authentic dishes that you have read about. If you are interested in some more exotic dishes or pastries though, go through the list of restaurants registered with the Suriname Tourism Foundation. Visitors may choose between warung, Indian cuisine, Creole cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and other international cuisines.

Places to shop

In Suriname, tourists trips include a special experience at various shopping locations where they can buy local as well as imported. This includes boutiques, camping and outdoor shops, souvenir shops and shops for cultural clothing. Trips to Suriname are affordable once tourists arrive at the country, although it may be costly to travel from other regions like the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Places to see

There are many places for tourists to visit and enjoy the areas of Suriname. Some of the places highlighted by the Suriname Tourism Foundation are: Blanche Marie Falls, Brownsberg and Ston-Island Combination, Kasikasima, Minavallen, Tafelberg, Ralleighvallen-Voltzberg Tour and several other places. More information can be found on official website of the Suriname Tourism Foundation.


Authentic cultures, an enchanting nature and unique people from many different origins. That is what every traveler who visits Suriname will experience with absolute certainty. There are different types of adventures in Suriname including cultural adventures such as culinary and heritage tours, natural adventures such as kayaking and expeditions and special interest adventures like canopy and jeep tour adventures.

Tourist Photo Shop

Tourist Photo Shop is located in downtown Paramaribo. At this shop you can make a picture in one of the many colourful cultural costumes of Suriname. You can also buy souvenirs and beautiful well-finished jewellery (made from various seeds and kernels) from the interior made by the Amerindians and Maroons, at this shop.