Essence of The Hajj


He followed up this grasp with the comforting promise that it (the call) will be answered by the answer of people coming from far and wide, literally from the furthest corners and deepest valleys of the earth-walking and ride every possible animal available for travel. This, in a time and age when no such product or technological aid, for example, microphones and speakers, happened. This, in a time and an age in man’s history when methods of defining the passage of time, in terms of months had not yet been deciphered by man.

This, in a time and age when there was not yet discovered such devices for comforts such as refrigeration for cooling water and preservative food, or air conditioning or even tents-all offering ease and comfort for today’s holy guest. This, at a time and an age in which it took the different months-even years-to pass over the land and through the hardships it took for the people to reach their destination of the sacred spot called as Makkah.

As a great honour of memorial for Ibrahim (AS) and even greater honour to Allah, different of people now answer this age-old call. The services of modern travel, as well as housing coupled with a major rise worldwide in the financial situation of people, have allowed such masses of over 2 million holy guests to attend the pilgrimage yearly. This is no small feat and something which we must not take lightly by forgetting to thank Allah for this great blessing. Different hardships and tragic obstacles have scarred the pilgrimages of the past. But those related to the responsibility of safeguarding the safety and comfort of the pilgrims-the honoured guests of the Most Merciful-have learned the hard lessons of those tragic events. They have worked long and industrious in making the proper corrections to guarantee the safety and comfort of all. Great paces have been taken in this direction by the Saudi Government.

As a defensive method of stopping the wildfires that have previously taken over the tent city of Mina, gas and even electric cookers have been forbidden, and a system of transporting in food ready outside or in allocating kitchens to the pilgrims has been familiar and enforced. Even the very tragic events of the stampedes at the Jamarat areas (the sites where the pilgrims toss the stones in imitation of Ibrahim’s stoning the devil when he was tempted by him) have been detached from the building of multiple-level bridges and application of one-way traffic for this process, as well as an enforced orderly admission from the lanes of tents into the Jamarat zone.

Nowhere in the world will you observe any such meetings of nearly 3 million holy pilgrims assembled in one spot, at one time, dressed in the same bland, simple cloth, facing the same way at one time, all praying necessary for one thing: forgiveness. Everything asking of One God for admission into heaven by His Mercy. Pauper, beggar, king, businessman, lower labourer, all standing in front of Allah shoulder to shoulder on the same standing--none surpassing the other in the sight of Allah by anything other than their piety held within the depths of their hearts. Such a beautiful spot and time--the mountain of Mercy on the Day in which He drops His Vast Mercy on the masses! Today, special Umrah packages 2017 are available for performing this spiritual journey at any time of the year.

To duplication the words, the pilgrims so humbly and hopefully repeat: ‘Labaik Allahumma labaik’ Allah has extended the offer, and the modest, confident pilgrims have answered. They have accepted Allah’s invitation to be His privileged guests. He is by sure the Most Substantial and Helpful! He has promised His Mercy and clemency for those who come to Him Free Web Content, and He never surrenders on His promise. His only condition is that His slaves answer His call. On this Day of Mercy-the Day of Arafat-we have different multitudes of yearning holy pilgrims answering His call. May He hurt His Eternal Mercy upon us all!

By Fareeha Muhammad