COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in the OIC Member Countries (Daily Updates)

The share of COVID-19 cases in the OIC member countries of the global figure reached 10.84% on 24 January after 40 of the infected members recorded 47,627 new infections, bringing the total OIC confirmed cases to 10,811,259 since the start of the pandemic. There were 19 OIC nations with over 10,000 active cases. Meanwhile, 20 of the OIC members had less than 1,000 active cases, of which 6 countries had less than 100 unrecovered patients as of the same day.

Indonesia had the largest number of active cases (162,617) among all OIC countries on 24 January. A total of 10 OIC countries recorded over one thousand new COVID-19 infections each on the same day namely Indonesia (11,788), Iran (5,945), Turkey (5,277), UAE (3,579), Malaysia (3,346), Lebanon (3,010), Tunisia (2,059), Pakistan (1,594), Kazakhstan (1,584) and Libya (1,148). There were 16 of the infected OIC countries that did not report coronavirus infections on 24 January and Turkmenistan remained the only OIC member that is coronavirus-free.

A total of 48,196 COVID-19 patients had reportedly recovered in 38 OIC member countries on 24 January, bringing the total OIC recoveries to 9,583,798. This figure represents 88.65% of all OIC's confirmed COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. A total of 55 OIC nations had over 50% recovery rates, of which 28 had more than 90% recovery rates, on the same day. Indonesia had the largest number of single-day recoveries (7,751) and Tajikistan had the highest recovery rate (99.32%) among the OIC nations on the same day.

Twenty-nine of the OIC member countries reported 789 COVID-19 fatalities on 24 January bringing the total OIC deaths due to the global outbreak to 209,944. This accounts for 1.94% of the total number of patients confirmed in all infected OIC nations. There were 2 OIC members that reported over 100 deaths on the same day namely Indonesia (171), Turkey (140) and Iran (89). In total, there were 1,017,517 active COVID-19 cases in 55 OIC countries on 24 January.