COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in the OIC Member Countries (Daily Updates)

As the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in all infected countries around the world exceeded 66 million, the share of OIC member countries in this figure was 10.49% on 4 December. A total of 86,847 new infections were reported by 51 OIC nations, bringing total OIC COVID-19 cases to 6,943,212 since the start of the novel coronavirus outbreak in January. With 32,736 newly confirmed patients, Turkey had the largest number of COVID-19 infections among all OIC countries on the same day.

Another 13 OIC countries reported more than one thousand new COVID-19 infections each on 4 December. These are Iran (13,341), Indonesia (5,803), Azerbaijan (4,267), Morocco (3,996), Pakistan (3,262), Jordan (3,116), Tunisia (2,620), Bangladesh (2,252), Palestine (1,968), Iraq (1,855), Lebanon (1,478), UAE (1,311) and Malaysia (1,141). However, five of the OIC nations did not report COVID-19 infections and 18 of them had less than 100 new cases on the same day. Turkey had the largest number of active cases (328,346) among all OIC countries on the same day.

Fifty-three OIC member countries reported that 50,609 of their COVID-19 patients had recovered on 4 December bringing the total OIC recoveries to 5,488,223 in all infected members since the start of the pandemic. This represents a 79.04% recovery rate which is relatively higher than the global recovery rate of 69.16% as of the same day. Of all infected OIC nations 21 have over 90% recovery rates while 26 of them had more COVID-19 recoveries than new infections on 4 December. Iran had the largest number of single-day recoveries among all OIC members.

The fatality rate of COVID-19 in the infected OIC member countries was 2.28% on 4 December. A total of 1,186 patients reportedly passed away in 29 members, bringing the pandemic's death toll to 158,482. While 21 OIC countries have more than 1,000 COVID-19 deaths, 14 of them have less than 100 fatalities. Iran had the largest number of fatalities (347) among all OIC countries and Yemen had the highest fatality rate of 27.66% on the same day.