COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in the OIC Member Countries (Daily Updates)

Forty-six of the OIC member countries confirmed 40,586 new COVID-19 patients on 30 October bringing the total OIC infections to 4,882,811 since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic. This figure accounts for 10.64% of COVID-19 confirmed cases worldwide as of the same day. While 11 OIC members reported over one thousand new COVID-19 cases 10 of them had no new infections on 30 October. Iran alone has 12.39% of all OIC confirmed cases.

In total 694,526 COVID-19 patients are still receiving treatment in 56 OIC member countries, with 15 of them having over ten thousand active cases as of 30 October. While Iran has the largest number of OIC's active COVID-19 cases (93,174)8 of its members have less than 100 active cases each. The country also has the largest number of single-day infections (8,011). Meanwhile 10 OIC nations did not report new cases on 30 October.

With 4,702 COVID-19 patients reportedly recovered on 30 October Iran had the largest number of recoveries among all OIC countries. Another 23,581 patients had recovered in 42 OIC nations, bringing the total OIC recoveries to 4,069,998 since the first infection was recorded on 24 January. This number represents 83.35% recovery rate. Cote d'Ivoire has the highest recovery of 98.34% and Tunisia has the lowest rate of 8.67% among all OIC countries.

Thirty-two of the OIC member countries reported 918 COVID-19 fatalities on 30 October bringing the total OIC deaths due to the global outbreak to 118283. This accounts for 2.42% of the total number of patients confirmed in all infected OIC nations. There were 1 OIC members that reported over 100 deaths on the same day namely Iran (365) and Tunisia (100). In total, there were 694,526 active COVID-19 cases in 56 OIC countries on 30 October.