COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in the OIC Member Countries (Daily Updates)

The total number of COVID-19 patients in all OIC member countries with coronavirus infections reached 2,582,167 on 5 August 2020 after 51 of them reported 23,562 new cases. The share of OIC confirmed COVID-19 cases in the global figure stood at 13.62% as of the same day. Iraq reported the largest number of new cases (2,834) among all OIC nations. For the second day since 14 July, Turkey recorded over 1,000 new coronavirus infections on 5 August.

Seven other OIC countries had more than one thousand new COVID-19 patients on 5 August: Iran (2,697), Bangladesh (1,654), Indonesia (1,815), Saudi Arabia (1,368), Morocco (1,283), Oman (1,127) and Kazakhstan (1,062). The total number of COVID-19 patients who are still in treatment in 55 of the OIC nations was 470,434 on 5 August, down from 559,655 a month ago. Turkmenistan and Brunei are the only OIC members that are coronavirus free as of 5 August.

As the number of COVID-19 recoveries exceeded 12 million across the world, the number of recovered patients in the OIC countries reached 2,047,954 on 5 August. The recovery rate from the COVID-19 outbreak in the OIC member countries increased to 79.31% after 51 of them reported that 34,578 of their patients had recovered, and 24 of them reported more COVID-19 recoveries than new infections on the same day.

A total of 625 COVID-19 patients reportedly passed away in 30 OIC member countries on 5 August, bringing the death toll of the pandemic to 63,779 since the first OIC patient was diagnosed on 24 January 2020. Iran had the largest number of COVID-19 fatalities (185) among all OIC member countries on 5 August followed by Iraq which reported 77 deaths on the same day. In total, there are 12 OIC countries with over one thousand deaths caused by COVID-19.