Targeting the Most Valuable New Skills to Learn Online


Continuous development of personal and professional skills is important for self-fulfilment and keeping abreast of the latest industry practices to stay qualified and competitive. The current pandemic doesn’t have to erase these development goals. While not all skills can be easily learned online, many can and are widely available through various platforms. As economic and social norms are shifting demands in skills shift to. So what are some skills that can easily be learned online and have the potential to increase your employability and your income?

Computer programming: this skill is not only in high demand but many people also find it enjoyable and challenging.

Learning a new language: additional languages will always open up new employment opportunities as you are offering more communication abilities in one package. Developing a high level of proficiency as well as a thorough understanding of associated cultures will make you a valuable asset to your employer. Language learning is also great for brain health.

Data analytics: this is an important skill to help businesses not just survive but thrive in their industry. Someone with excellent data analytical skills will be an important contributor to an organisation.

Web design: web design is a very useful skill to learn if you plan to become a business owner or just as a general additional skill to increase your employability.



Video editing and production: as many jobs and activities are moving to online platforms, jobs in video editing and production will likely increase. This skill can be used in a wide array of industries making it a very transferable skill.

Investing: If you have never learned about investing, learning this new skill can benefit yourself and your personal finances and as your skill and knowledge grow you can provide it as a service to others.

Copywriting: writers that can help businesses increase sales and accomplish their goals will always be in demand. Especially as internet sales platforms increase with the lack of in-person interaction the need for a high-quality copy will increase.

In terms of learning a new skill, it’s important to pace yourself. Don’t expect to be an expert in one week. Additionally, find well-reviewed and quality courses that offer a certificate of completion so you can document your new skill on your CV or online networking sites.