Dr Laila Rani Binti Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah

Dr Laila Rani binti Dato’ Dr Raja Mohamad Abdullah is passionate towards the issues pertaining to the development of the Islamic economy through collaboration between businesses from across the OIC member countries. This is visible in her efforts as the Deputy Chairman of the annual trade exhibition and conference, the Muslim World Business and Investment Zone, besides her role as the Editor-in-Chief of OIC TODAY magazine.

As the editor in chief of the international business and investment magazine, Dr Laila carefully takes care of the content quality and circulation of OIC TODAY. She believes that education is the most effective tool to achieve success on individual, organisational and national level. Her hard work and which was reflected in excellent results allowed for fast progressive climb of the professional career. She is also the CEO of Ramcel Media Sdn. Bhd., a premier outdoor advertising company in Malaysia.

Through her passion to help and care for others Dr Laila has developed as a graduate from a medical faculty leads her decisions and steers her actions towards providing the company’s partners, clients and the general public with the best possible products and services. Although she does not practice medicine as a profession, Dr Laila gives voluntarily free consultations whenever she feels the need to do so. Her hard work and willingness to learn and share new knowledge, flavoured with her pleasant and accepting personality, are the main elements of her success. She gained trust and appreciation of all those she worked with.