Benin | Education Minister launched the CEP Emphasising the Importance of School Education

Benin’s Minister of Nursery and Primary Education,KarimouSalimane, officially launched the written phase of the Certificate of Primary Studies (CEP) at the public primary school centrein Agoua in the municipality of Bantè in strict compliance with barrier gestures against the coronavirus outbreak. Almost 26,313 applicants are said to be in the process of receiving the CEP nationwide. At the centre of the public primary school in Agoua where the minister launched the national campaign, out of 215 registered candidates, 200 responded present and actually composed.

"Since the resumption of classes in order to save the school year, everything is working normally, there have been no cases of students or teachers suffering or dying from the coronavirus and the exams have started well all over the national territory ", rejoiced the minister on this occasion.Salimane justifies the choice made on Agoua to house the official launch at the national level by the fact that "the schooling rate and the success rate there are too low according to the statistics of the ministry".

For him, it was necessary to bring together the people of Agoua. Parents need to continue to believe in school education, which is a necessity, a right for children and that it is also necessary to support them for a high success rate.On the issue of fraud or cheating, the Minister clearly warned. "It is proscribed and punished by the regulatory provisions. It must be avoided by letting children succeed on merit," he said. Against coronavirus, all measures have been taken in this examination centre to protect candidates and supervisors through handwashing devices, wearing masks and social distancing.