Afghanistan | A Third of the Capital’s Coronavirus Confirmed Cases are Medical Staff

Since 25 April, Afghanistan has been recording more than 100 new cases of COVID-19 every day. The total number of patients more than doubled since then. However, the terrifying news coming from the country is that about a third of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Afghan capital have been among doctors and other healthcare staff. The two senior healthcare officials who announced the news attributed the rise of infections among medical staff to the lack of protective equipment for as well as a lack of awareness among some medical staff of the precautions needed to avoid infection.


Reports said that out of the total 925 confirmed cases in Kabul there were 346 medical staff. The two officials, who asked not to be named as they were not authorised to discuss the matter publicly, said at least 13 doctors had died in different parts of the country last month and in the first week of May. The high rate of infection among healthcare workers has sparked alarm among medics and some doctors have closed their clinics. The first case of COVID-19 was reported in Afghanistan on 24 February 2020. Until 7 May, Afghanistan had 3,563 confirmed coronavirus infections, 468 of them recovered and 106 passed away as of the same day.