Tajikistan | The Central Asian Nation Confirms the First 15 Coronavirus Infections

The Ministry of Health in Tajikistan reported 15 confirmed coronavirus cases on 30 April, months after the virus spread around the world. Five of the patients are from the country’s capital city, Dushanbe, while the other 10 are in Khujand. There have been questions over the past weeks about whether or not the country had coronavirus cases, especially knowing that it shares borders with China and other countries with infections. The Prime Minister said it was now compulsory for citizens to wear masks.

Tajikistan closed its borders last month and took some steps to curb large social gatherings, but has generally been less stringent about social distancing in the absence of confirmed cases. A World Health Organisation expert mission is expected to arrive at Tajikistan to help the government assess readiness for coping with a COVID-19 outbreak. Almost 11,000 people have been quarantined over the last three months and 8,438 have already been discharged, the government said in a statement on Thursday.