Comoros | The Last African OIC Nation to Report COVID-19 Cases

Comoros has announced its first confirmed coronavirus infection, making it the last African OIC country to report a COVID-19 case. The patient is a man in his 50s who came into contact with a French-Comorian national with recent travel history to France. His medical condition was reported as stable and is gradually improving. President Azali Assoumani, who declared the first case, said the priority would now be to shield the healthcare system from overload, which would force the government to adopt "even more draconian measures" to protect the population of some 832,000.

Last week, the president signed a decree strengthening anti-virus measures, which now include a nightly curfew. Two days after the blessed month of Ramadan started, reports mentioned that security forces in Comoros had to use teargas against groups of people who congregated in mosques in violation of COVID-19 coronavirus movement restriction rules. With 27,511 confirmed cases, African OIC countries account for 7.72% of the total cases in all 56 OIC countries with coronavirus infections, as of 30 Apil.