Total Potential for Onshore Wind Energy is Estimated at 9.3 Gigawatts

Like other countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is home to a wind energy goldmine that is just waiting to be tapped. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the country has an estimated total potential for onshore wind energy of 9.3 gigawatts. Based on the distribution of the evaluated sites and the identified short-term potential across wind locations, it is estimated that nearly 85 per cent of wind power potential in the country is in the Java-Bali, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara regions. IRENA also states that the Indonesian government targets 1.8 GW of installed wind capacity by 2025, with capacity factors estimated at 20-30 per cent. However, there are some challenges facing this mega project especially to secure the needed fund and selecting the best possible energy generation method to suit the Indonesian geographical landscape.