Yemen | No Active Cases in the West Asian Nation after the Recovery of the First and Only Coronavirus Patient


Yemen is Free of Active COVID-19 Cases after the First and Only Patient Recovered


Yemen is officially clear of coronavirus cases following the recovery of its first, and so far only, Covid-19 patient. The recovery came after two weeks of diagnosing a Yemeni national working in the port of ash-Shihr, on the Indian Ocean coast of Hadramaut province, with the virus on April 10. Following the discovery of the case in ash-Shihr, 120 people were quarantined amid efforts to trace his contacts. A team from the World Health Organisation carried out an unspecified number of tests and all the initial results were said to be negative.

The town was immediately placed under curfew and preventive measures were imposed in neighbouring areas. Since, then, no further cases have been reported. This was good news for the Yemeni government and its people who knew for a fact that a wide-spread of the virus in the country could be catastrophic due to the severe shortage in ventilators and other medical equipment needed to treat COVID-19 patients. Yemen became the second OIC country with coronavirus infections to have no be cleared from active cases.