Afghanistan | Exports 33% More through Air Corridor

Afghanistan Exports Up By 33% Through Air Corridor

Since its inauguration in 2017, the air corridor helped to connect Afghan traders to the world. A statement published by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said the air corridor has caused a 33% increase in Afghanistan’s export. A total of more than 11,000 tonnes of goods worth more than USD 238 million, comprised of fresh and dry fruits, natural herbs, handicrafts, rugs, sheepskin, vegetables and saffron to international markets.

The implementation of the first air freight initiative between Afghanistan and India in 2017 gave a major impetus to increase its footprint to other countries as well. Today, Afghanistan exports its goods to European, Asian and Arab markets through over 1,000 flights from Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar and Herat airports. Last year, Afghanistan opened air corridors with Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. A total of 5,376 metric tonnes of Afghanistan goods, valued 130 million dollars were exported in 2019.

It is also worth mentioning that Afghanistan advanced its position on the list of the World Bank Doing Business Report from 183 in 2018 to 167 in 2019. Commentators attribute much of this success to the Minister of Industry & Commerce, Ajmal Ahmady, who is described as an ambitious, goal-oriented economic leader who expresses a high level of integrity. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Master of Economics and Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.