The City of Silk: The Next Big Thing in Kuwait


Being constructed over a total area of 250 square kilometers in Subiya, the desert will soon be transformed by one of the most exciting development projects ever to be, The City of Silk, a development on a grand scale unprecedented in the Gulf Region. Madinat Al Hareer is planned to be built in individual phases to be completed within 25 years with an estimated cost of 132 billion dollars; a cost that led to branding the silk city as one of the most radical and most expensive constructional projects in the region. Conceptualized as a solution to Kuwait’s growing overpopulation issue and overloaded infrastructure, Madinat Al Hareer is also expected to boost the Kuwait’s already strong economy (the Kuwaiti Dinar is currently the highest valued currency in the entire world) through the investments it is going to attract by its multi-purpose nature as it is predicted to provide around 450,000 new job opportunities.

The city will be connected to Kuwait city via the Jaber Causeway which is still under construction, the city’s project, which accommodates up to 700,000 people, contains the establishment of a 1001-meter tower, which is a world’s height one and it is highly anticipated due to the numerous attractions it is going to comprise upon its completion. Trade amongst countries along the Belt and Road is expected to hit $10 trillion in the five upcoming years. According to figures issued by Chinese government, China has invested about $50 billion in countries along the Belt and the Road since 2013. Upon completion, The State of Kuwait will take part in this Road with several development projects within the city of silk, which will materialize the ‘Kuwait’s 2030’ vision. These projects are:

• JABER AL AHMED BRIDGE: Spanning Kuwait Bay, this new bridge will connect the City of Silk to Kuwait Cities reducing travel time between the cities from an hour and a half to under 17 minute drive. Half way across the Bay, the Bridge will alight onto two Islands that will contain limited, exclusive private developments.

• BURJ MUBARAK AL-KABIR - Standing 1001 meters above the desert, in reference to the popular Arabian Nights talebased on the region, the Mubarak al-Kabir the tower is designed as three interlocking towers, each twisting 45 degrees to help stabilize it. In addition, vertical ailerons will run the full length of the building on each edge. Adjustments to the positions of these ailerons will redirect the winds in order to minimize structural vibrations.

• SILK ROAD – FREE ZONE: An Advanced Enterprise Zone will be designated a Free Zone for trade, investment and business incubator developments. Located next to a new International Airport, it will connect to an expanded Rail, Air and Road Network extending far into Central Asia.

• BUSINESS CITY CENTRE: As the center for finance, trade, commerce, business and international management, the Business City will provide extensive facilities for new businesses to open international headquarters in Kuwait. Its centerpiece will become the business hub for the Arabian Gulf and a gateway into Central Asia.

• CONVENTION AND EXHIBITION: Following the legacy of the great World’s Fairs, the Convention and Exhibition Facilities in Madinat Al Hareer will celebrate and bring together the world’s finest professionals, businesses, investors and clients into a Marketplace of Ideas. Here the great achievements of the world’s advancing technology, products, services and research will be treated as privileged guests.

• SPORTS CITY AND SPORTS ACADEMY: Leisure, Sport, Athletics, Physical Performance Centre and Resort will occupy the center of the Riverside of the Madinat Al Hareer (City of Silk). A sprawling assemblage of sporting complexes, Olympic Stadia, recreation centers, parks and health facilities will highlight the City's focus on athletic events and a commitment to physical excellence.

Kuwait’s development is undeniable as they began taking a cue from the World's Fair and other major gatherings of entrepreneurs and professionals, the City's facilities will host a variety of innovators from around the world to showcase advances in technology, energy, and design. Kuwait hopes to bring the global spotlight to a local stage.